Used by a Badboy 2 – Surprise Fuck!

Our first encounter was nearly 3 years ago! It changed my life and turned me into a slut! It was him! He, who I met at a hotel floor, who started to touch me and asked me to come into his hotel room later at night. I obeyed. Today, 3 years later and I found the Badboy. It was time for my revenge! I’m knocking on his door and he can’t believe what he sees! There I am, in lingerie, nylons, and my new Louboutin high heels. I’m just making my way into his living room, laying down on his couch and he’s approaching me. He’s taking off his pants, and pushing his cock deep into my mouth. He fucks me in various positions, makes me cum multiple times, until he shoots his load onto my face again! But I still can’t believe what happens after that! He pushed me out of his apartment and made me do another cum walk naked and in public :O! What an asshole!

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  1. @RoyalMemeFactory Wednesday September 21st, 2022 at 03:56 PM

    Great Video. GREAT Cumshot 🏆💫👏