Date with Lukas – chatted and fucked!

Lukas just chatted with me, attached a picture of himself, and then everything went fast ;)! Only a week later he comes to Cologne and visits me, ready for me, and ready for a fuck ! We’re sitting down on my bed and I can feel his heart pounding, and his cock getting harder and harder. He’s nervous but he is also extremely horny! His cock is throbbing thru his underwear, I’m ripping it off and taking his dick into my mouth. I’m sitting down onto his face, letting him taste my wet pussy before I’m sitting down on him. His huge cock is spreading my tiny pussy, I’m moaning and we can start with the fuck !!

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  1. @RoyalMemeFactory Monday December 7th, 2020 at 01:07 PM

    Very Nice Video! Nice Cum In Mouth Finish 💫👌