Massage only? Not with me ;-)


Being on a shooting tour the sex I’m getting is never sufficient :O! No wonder, I’m calling the lobby to request a massage therapist – of course only for a “massage“ ;-). I’m getting him to sit on my back, I’m moving his hands lower and lower down to my butt and my pussy, and then finally turning around and exposing my naked body. This was the moment he realized that this is not only going to be a “massage“ ;-). He’s taking of his clothes and his hard cock appears. I’m taking it into my mouth, getting it ready and wet to push it into my tiny pussy. Feeling his hard cock in my pussy after such a long-time is just amazing!! I’ve missed this feeling :-)!! And when he pulls out and shoots his load on my butt, using his cum as a lube for the massage afterwards, I truly feel satisfied. After a good orgasm, I can now enjoy the massage ;-)!